Contributing Information

So. You're interested in contributing to the CFRA Online Newsletter. Wonderful. Here's how:

What we need are articles pertaining to the club or to Amateur Radio in general. These articles will be posted in the online newsletter for one month (longer if a good enough reason presents itself). What you need to do is contact one of the people that does the internet stuff (myself; KG4EZQ or, Bob, W4KBW) and let us know what you're thinking. We'll let you know what month we expect to have available and you can get started on your article.

Now. About that article. If we have told you that we expect to get your article online we have some requests to make our lives easier.

1. Please don't put a lot of fancy fonts and stuff into it. We need you to limit yourself to 3 fonts AT MAXIMUM because many web browsers only support a very few. Even a plain text format file would be good.

2. Keep it nice. Gentle criticsms are okay, but remember that anyone (not just club members who may know your true intentions) can read it.

3. Remember to properly cite any copyrighted material. Don't forget to get permission when necessary either.

4. How many rules do we need, anyway?

5. Don't put too much work into the format because we have to retype it to put it on here anyway.

We really do appreciate any contributions you make. I'm sure that the other members will as well.