We are a social amateur radio club, located in the Central Florida area.

We have a monthly meeting, held the last Wednesday of the month at Perkins Restaurant at 6425 University Blvd, Winter Park, Florida. The "gathering" generally begins around 6 pm, earlier for some, and then the meeting begins around 7 pm. Our meetings last about 5 minutes or so, longer during election time. Bring your own $$ because we don't pay for it! After the meeting, we pay our bills, then gather outside for some more rag-chew.

Dues to be as follows -- Full memberships to be at a cost of twelve dollars ($12.00) per year; with additional dependent family memberships of the same household at a cost of six dollars ($6.00) person per year. Dues are payable upon the anniversary date of the initial payment. Student and Associate member-ships are six dollars ($6.00) per year, with dues renewable on anniversary date. Honorary memberships incur no dues.


Bob Nocero, W4KBW, President, Secretary/Treasurer
Joe Cordeiro, WW4JC, Vice President
Sid Carling, WD4MRR, Repeater Trustee

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Webmaster - Bob, W4KBW