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CFRA Officers
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Bob Nocero W4KBW President - Webmaster
  Vice President
John Knott N4JTK Engineer
Sid Carling WD4MRR Repeater Trustee

CFRA Members
Name CALL Additional Info Dues
Ralph Betts W4ORL Silent Key  
William Caldwell KD4JYD    
Sid Carling WD4MRR Repeater Trustee 0315
Michael Cauley W4MCA   0719
Rod Cavin W4VBK   0219
Diane Cordeiro KI4DPV   0419
Joe Cordeiro WW4JC 0419
Bob Cumming W2BZY   0719
Robert Forrester K4RRF Silent Key  
Jeannie Grage KM4OHN   0217
Shawn Grage K4SWG   0217
Gil Jamieson W3NAR   0614
Neil Johnson N4SI Silent Key  
Dan Knapp AC4Y   0318
John Knott N4JTK Engineer 0719
Al LaPeter W2AS   0319
Pam LaPeter KD4HTB Silent Key  
Frank Louden WA3ZBM Silent Key  
Marc Manis K5NO Life Member  
Peter Meijers AI4KM Life Member  
Lidy Meijers KJ4LMM Life Member  
Evie Nelson AB4TK Life Member  
Bob Nocero W4KBW President - Webmaster  
Bob Pollack KF4IMF   0419
Jackie Pollack KJ4GUV   0419
Hal Prosser KK1B Life Member  
Sue Prosser WB1TCH Life Member  
Cindy Radice KD4NLV Life Member  
Jim Robarr KB2CUX   0319

Updated July 25, 2018
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